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Dorothea Hackman, London

"My grandfather was a sea captain from Karelia (then Finland, later annexed by Russia) who went down with his ship and papers in 1891, and there are no public records because of WW2. It would be good for us all to have his place of origin in the Baltic confirmed, as this is what we had been told. My father died in 2010, and I am female, but Roots for Real successfully retrieved a Y-profile from an old saliva sample and confirmed a Finnish origin. I have just met up again with my cousins, his nieces, after forty years, and they were very interested that we had finally established something more than the name of his father on this grandfather’s marriage certificate in Sydney. “

August 2014

Matthew Bendt, Australia

"Just a short note to thank you for providing me with the most professional, accessible and understandable Y results that I have ever obtained. I just received the printed results today in the mail. I know my birth mothers history and in 2007 got a test done that confirmed that 100%, she is Magyar. Father was unknown on original birth certificate and adoption papers. The 2007 y test revealed father to be of Basque (Spain) descent. But I wanted to double check it and did 2 other company tests on y but I could not read them and they seemed incorrect. These 2 different companies would were not contactable to explain obscure results to me? Then in 2010 repeated y test with you and it basically mirrored the y results of 2007. Also thank you for actually talking to me on a few occasions over the past 2 months or so. Great customer service. As a matter of fact I just travelled over to Hungary this Christmas and New Year to meet with the large family of my birth mother for the first time. It was a fantastic, fulfilling experience. Your company is very good and I will recommend you to other Australians if they want this type of testing! "

January 2011

Dr. R. Sevo, USA (ordered a blood relationship test)

"THANK YOU! It is truly amazing to have the ability to establish this relationship, several generations later. I am giddy about the promise of genetic analysis. Glad I/we lived long enough to enjoy the results of your work personally."

March 2010

Bob Cumberbatch from London

"I have been researching my family history for several years now. My father and grandparents were born in Barbados. With some tremendous effort I was able to trace my grandmother’s ancestors through documents back to sugar plantation slavery in Barbados to around 1817. Before then records of slaves were not typically kept, so the paper trail ended. Still, I could be reasonably sure that at some point their ancestors would have been brought to Barbados with the transatlantic slave trade. I hoped that a mitochondrial DNA test of my father’s DNA would reveal where in Africa my genetic cousins are living today and where in Africa my genetic ancestors were from. I discovered that Roots For Real team conducted the DNA tests for the BBC documentary 'Motherland' and also for an equivalent documentary series for PBS called 'African American Lives' in the USA. The Roots For Real test is more comprehensive and yet more affordable than many others. So I arranged for my Father to take a mitochondrial DNA test which simply involved rubbing two swabs around his mouth. The results are quite simply amazing. That my grandmother’s maternal ancestors were African in origin I had deduced. I really had not expected to 'discover' 41 people with exact DNA matches located in 27 places in Africa. Putting this into context, these 41 people, in 27 places and who knows how many more, and my family all shared the same mother up to 10,000 years ago. Simply mind-blowing. I could not be more satisfied. Science has taken over where the family history paper trail ended. Up to 400 years ago an ancestor was taken from Africa to Barbados, 200 years ago I found them in paper records. So the next time I am asked 'How far have you got your family tree back to?' I can answer '10,000 years or so…' Thank you so very much."

June 2009

V. L. Young from New York City

"Roots for Real impressed me as responsive, efficient and easy to do business with. From the outset, the analysis was conducted quite quickly, including trans-Atlantic mailings. Whenever I had questions, they were responded to in a timely and useful manner. Most importantly, I trust their scientific methodology so I have no trouble accepting the findings. Actually, it turns out that I am exactly who I thought I was because my more recent ancestors were to be found not so far away from the newly-discovered mitochondrial cousins! Mum's the word."

January 2006

Sabrina DeAllie from London:

“Learning that my geographical roots are in Nubia was a delightful shock. I would never have guessed that my mothers roots lay here, but to be honest I do not know where I would have guessed her origins lay. It was a delight to find that my roots are in Nubia simply because I now feel that my history is more complete. It was nice to get a geographical location from the test i.e. Nubia, because I have now learnt something new about myself and my family. We now know where our roots are and this is quite precious as many other black caribbean/minority people do not have this information obviously due to our past. The test has provided me with information that I probably would never have known or discovered and by pinpointing where I am from I now happily possess knowledge of my roots like many other cultures do and take for granted.”

January 2003

Dorothy Marie Lockhart,Arkansas, USA

"I am very pleased with the services provided by ROOTS FOR REAL. Their presentation was superb and the results confirmed my mtDNA. The Colored Geographic Map displaying the centre for best match of my maternal ancestors is of a quality for framing"

May 2003

Anne Hart, author of "How to Interpret Your DNA Test Results for Family History & Ancestry"

Of the three DNA tests that I took yours is the most graphic and impressive because you offer a map with the geographic center, latitude/longitude, nearest town location, deviation in miles, the haplogroup and actually name the countries in the best matches information. No other DNA company that I've used so far gives this detailed information. So I vote yours as the best. This is outstanding information, and I will highly recommend it to anyone I meet interested in talking about DNA and genealogy.

Anne Hart, USA
Author "How to Interpret Your DNA Test Results for Family History & Ancestry" June 2003

F. B., UK

"We are fascinated by this customer's results. He has a quintessentially English sounding name, but it appears his mother was born in Goa. How the maternal line got from South America to Goa is a matter for hypothesis and much more investigation."

Kay Martin from USA:

looking I will certainly recommend your service. I liked your easy to understand report and the map that you sent with that report. This is well written, easy to understand and just what a lot of people are looking for.

May 2003

Paul Crooks, author of "Ancestors"

I spent 13 years tracing my father’s origins. However, it was an historical moment when the Roots for Real service helped locate my maternal ancestry to Central Africa. We all should find out as much as we can about our bio history and celebrate our heritage with our children and their children.

Out of many, ONE people!

Paul Crooks, author "Ancestors", March 2003

Rachel Hunte and Matthew Barrett from Croydon

Rachel and Matthew will be using the results of the analysis to bring something from their ancestral roots into their wedding plans: “There is a burning desire for us to make the ancestral link through blood. It's one of the most important unanswered questions in our Afro Caribbean/Black British community. The fact that we are now in the Information Age allows us to know many of these answers, giving life to the expression "Where there is a will there is a way". Our DNA holds perhaps the most intact record of our family, our lands, language, tribes, customs and traditions. It would be soul satisfying to know that our children can grow up with a strong sense of identity and heritage by being able to unravel that time, that we thought was going to be lost forever.

BJH from Canada:

I highly recommend RootsforReal for anyone interested in their ancient past. I am adopted and have been searching for some connection. It was surprising and very interesting to find roots so widespread, from Europe to Morocco."

May 2003

Ruth Goddard, participant in the BBC’s programme “Motherland – A Genetic Journey”

“I was overwhelmed by the mixed emotions I experienced on receiving the maternal DNA results of my ancestry. Shocked at the results, I shed tears at the loss of a culture(s) and ancestors that I never knew I was connected to until now, but was elated and proud of my Afrikan Heritage - South Afrika, Mozambique, Senegal, Nigeria, Algeria, and surprised and puzzled by my Palestinian, Isreali, and Syrian roots.

Although I was born and raised in England of West Indian parentage, I always identified as Black British with heritage in the Caribbean and Afrika. But I never felt welcome in Britain and always had a sense of belonging to some other land when I was growing up. After my third trip to Trinidad I had a better understanding of my identity, but I always felt a strong connection to Afrika, and a longing to find out more about the missing link. My pilgrimage to Israel was another piece of the jigsaw, but I was unaware of this at the time. Afrika will be the next part of my journey, proud to embrace my heritage at the Upliftment Music Tour Gambia in June where I will celebrate my “Roots for Real” through Edutainment, Arts and Culture”.

Gavin Heys, founder Roots for Real:

"My own maternal line is Scottish two generations back, so I was amazed by the accuracy of the process when I first tried it - without anything more than a sample of my saliva they identified my maternal roots in the middle of Scotland"

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