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Roots for Real in the Press

Nature Communications December 2014 "Identification of the Remains of King Richard III". Geneticists Turi King, Peter Forster and international colleagues have genetically confirmed the identity of King Richard III using family DNA testing, a choice of population database comparisons, and advanced computational analysis. Many thanks to those who have contributed by taking Roots for Real DNA ancestry tests. View press release

Science 9th September 2011 "Mother tongue comes from your prehistoric father". Geneticist Peter Forster and archaeologist Colin Renfrew discover that prehistoric language death and replacement correlates with immigration of males but not necessarily females, according to a global analysis of modern mtDNA and Y chromosomal patterns. Many thanks to those who have taken Roots for Real DNA ancestry tests. View article

Cambridge University In 2011, the Director of Roots for Real, Dr. Peter Forster, was awarded the Sir William Bate Hardy Prize for his work on human origins, jointly with Dr. Beverley Glover (plant sciences). The prize has been awarded 22 times, including to 5 Nobel prize winners. View article

The Telegraph 11th May 2009 "African tribe populated rest of world" As scientific advisor for the BBC series 'The Incredible Human Journey', Dr. Peter Forster estimates that 2000 generations ago, a small group of less than 200 individuals left Africa to found the modern populations of the world. View article

New York Times 5th March 2007: Peter Forster on the origins of the British, an ongoing research project by Roots for Real. View article

New York Times 12th April 2006 "Seeking Ancestry, and Privilege, in DNA Ties Uncovered by tests" Pearl Duncan uses Roots for Real in helping her trace her Scottish ancestry to a Scottish castle. View article

Technology Review (Massachussetts Institute of Technology) 24th February 2006 "Tracing your ancestry" Science writer Leslie O’Hanlon discusses whether or not she should take a DNA ancestry test. View article

Washington Post 10th February 2006 "African American Lives" Interview with Dr. Peter Forster (Roots for Real) on the DNA ancestry film project by PBS. View article

Science 11th November 2005 "Ancient DNA from the First European Farmers in 7500-Year-Old Neolithic Sites" Joachim Burger, Peter Forster and colleagues prove that Europeans are not descended from the first farmers but from more ancient people. View Article

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (London) 29th February 2004 "Ice ages and the mitochondrial DNA chronology of human dispersals: a review" A summary of Dr. Forster's research since 1992 on piecing together the migrations of ancient humans. View Article

The Scotsman 4th June 2003 "Meet the Family" Steve McGinty finds deep-seated genetic reasons behind his differences.

The Voice 31 March 2003 "Going back to our real roots".

The Yorkshire Post 1st May 2003 "How I found my Mother Country" Stephen Biscoe traces his roots back to a Basque Cave. View article

Daily Mail 17th February 2003 "DNA Test to help trace family roots". View Article

Croydon Guardian 9th April 2003 "Couple take Genetic Journey" Two Londoners use DNA tracing to shape their wedding. View article

The Times 21st February 2003 "In the news: Peter Forster" Dr Peter Forster is interviewed about his comprehensive mitochondrial DNA database and how it can be used to trace genetic ancestry. View article

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